Maupay na adlaw ta injo aan!

(Good day to all!)


Welcome to Casa de Cutab Camiguin Guesthouse and Café! 

A family-run business located in Mayana, Sagay offering tourism related services to both local and foreign guests. The establishment of Casa de Cutab is a response to the call and encouragement of the provincial and local government to provide services in the promotion of tourism in Sagay and the whole province of Camiguin.

The core objective of Casa de Cutab is to promote Sagay and everything it has to offer in terms of destination, food, culture and language – the whole Sagay experience!

We offer the following services:

  1. Accommodations that serve from 1 up to 30 persons. It has different rooms that cater to every individual/group’s needs.
  2. Café offers short order menu featuring Filipino and local dishes.
  3. Coffee library sip our signature freshly brewed Camiguin coffee while reading a book or two from our humble collection of books. Our book collection ranges from college textbooks, fiction and non-fiction novels, biographies, environment, travel, arts & crafts, travel magazines, etc. We also conduct various trainings and craft sessions, follow us on Facebook for schedule of our events.
  4. Events place for meetings, seminars or trainings that ensures a conducive atmosphere for a productive meeting of the minds.
  5. Sagay Eco-Adventure Tours – a jam-packed whole-day adventure that brings you from the seas up to the mountains of Sagay. An unforgettable epic experience is just around the corner!

See you soon in Casa de Cutab Camiguin – “Injo ba’ay dii ta Sagay.” (Your home in Sagay.)


Casa de Cutab